Obama's Easter Egg Hunt
I read an article about Obama. He decided to have an Easter Breckfast on Tuesday April 6th. And he made a speech about it. People say that this was just a time to say Obamas christian belif. But people also belive he is Muslim. Never has someone say to a presidant after they say "I am Christan!" and has somebody else said "No your not!" because everyone else belived him... All of Obama's family has said to be muslim but no one knows is he Muslim or is he Christian? What do you think?

[[@http://pewforum.org/news/display.php?NewsID=19923Christians, Muslims Agree to Pursue Peace|Christians, Muslims Agree to Pursue Peace]]Christians, Muslims Agree to Pursue Peace

Christians and Muslims Meet In Search of Peace religious

This article is about Christian and Muslim leaders (from America, the Vatican and the Middle East) who came as one to speak regarding peace and freedom. The peace and freedom are between each of their respective religions (Christianity and Muslim). There is a two page statement that explains how to work with conflicts that are going on. One line in the statement tells the readers that worshiping g-d is the heart of Christianity and Islam. Ahmad El Tayeb said the meetings made accepting the other religion easier, but we can’t “magically” fix the problems. The text also says that there will be a second meeting next year (2011). In another spot, the passage reads that the next meeting will involve the covenant of overcoming violence, terrorism and the right to religious belief. I really liked this article because I can relate to it. I thought it was interesting how the Jewish and Palestinian kids from the “Promises” movie were in the same situation as the Christian and Muslim religious leaders above. On a separate thought, I think it was a good idea to have the meetings and it’s even smarter to be planning meetings for next year. I like how the article used quotes from the meetings so you could literally know what was going on.

external image 311430-29med.jpg

Do Religion and Pro Sports Mix?

Article Source: npr.org

An interview podcast between Tom Krattenmaker and interview, Michel Martin about the connection between sports and Christianity. Tom also talks a lot about his new book, Onward Christian. In the book, he tries to make nonbelievers understand the situation. He talks about other athletes expressing their religion during games as he does himself.

I think that it's good that athletes feel free to share their religon as they do during games. I also think that it's good Tom wrote book to help people understad Christianity in sports because that is him expressing what he thinks. It's good that Tom is so interested in the topic. Overall I think athletes should keep sharing their religion.

Filipinos warned on crucifixions
This article is about Filipinos volunteering to be crucified. They do this to remember the death of jesus. Some do this to thank god like one person this is his 24th time being nailed to the cross to thank god for his survival after falling off a building. some do so they can help their family members or to forgive for something they did. i think in some ways this is a bad thing because being crucified ist that nice but it is forgiving for something you did. if you remember the reason jesus was crucified was because he was accused of something.

Filipinos nailed to crosses on Good Friday in 2002
Filipinos nailed to crosses on Good Friday in 2002
Crucifixions are an annual event in the Philippines

Jewish and Christian Communities of Faith Observe Passover, Holy Week, Easter

This link is about how Christians are celebrating Easter and Jews are celebrating Passover. My thoughts on it are that its amazing how there are such religions that celebrate such holidays because they are so world wide spread, that there are many different traditions for these two holidays.

obama going to church

this link is about Obama going to church. this is quite amazing because there was a shooting that went on right there just a few days before, and the suspects were not found. obama went to a regular 2 hour mass also. my thoughts on this are that he is really brave for doing this because many people think that there should be no religion in the government, but i think it is great for obama to do this. i think this is great for obama because should know that nobody should care about his religion, it is his personal business. this just shows how strong and brave obama is.

Palm sunday in Jerusalem

My Article

Summary: Thousands of christians from around the world come to Jerusalem. They marched the steps of Jesus for the mount of olives to Jerusalem. They were waving flags and reenacting when he entered Jerusalem. The story kinda of changes gears after they talk about the Pilgrams marching into Jerusalem. They talk about how people were planning on building apartments on the East side of Jerusalem. Also they were going to rededication of an ancient synagogue in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem's Old City. Most West Bank Palestinians were banned from Jerusalem, they were demanding free cross. So they crossed and the police arrest 12 people who crossed between the West Bank town of Bethlehem and Jerusalem.

Thoughts: I think that it was good to march into Jerusalem with everything almost exact as possible. Also they had other people from every where come to this so and they could even march in the parade of people that were already there. I am wondering if and when they are going to forget the line between the different parts of Jerusalem and make it one big place not seperate parts. Those are my thoughts on this article.

Backdropped by Jerusalem's Old City, Christian worshipers walk down the Mount of Olives, some holding palm leaves, during the traditional Palm Sunday procession Sunday, March 28, 2010. Palm Sunday commemorates Jesus Christ's triumphant entry into Jerusalem, and is the start of the Christian Holy Week.
Backdropped by Jerusalem's Old City, Christian worshipers walk down the Mount of Olives, some holding palm leaves, during the traditional Palm Sunday procession Sunday, March 28, 2010. Palm Sunday commemorates Jesus Christ's triumphant entry into Jerusalem, and is the start of the Christian Holy Week.

Charity’s call ingrained at Catholic hospitals

Religious Militia tied to plot for violent uprising

Picture of Ann Holmes Redding's Necklace:Christian Cross and Muslim Moon

​Surrendering to God-A woman makes a bold move

Is it possible to be both a christian and a muslim? Well according to Ann Holmes Redding it is. Ann Redding grew up a christian. But her church in Pennsylvania disband its chouir rather to accept African Americans. Ann Redding left and went to live in Seattle. Redding went to church in Seattle and felt good to have some of her child hood back with her. But then a tragedy happened, Reddings mother died. Redding felt the best way to cope with his hopelessness was to study Islam. Many people were not happy that Redding was both a christian and a muslim. But Redding carried on, she studied Islam for five more years. Then Declared she would worship Both religions. Though Ann Redding was no longer a priest at her Church she still went very sunday.

"The Premise,"she says, "is that if Islam and Christianity can live together in one person--that's me--there's hope that they can live together in the world." This is a quoet Ann Holmes Redding said at the very end of the reading. This states that if Ann Holmes Redding can have Christianity and Islam close to her heart, the so can the rest of the world. It shows she is no different then anyone else, so she says there's hope that they can live together in the world.

I think this artical really makes an impact on the world. Being a priest at a church but also practicing the Muslim belief I thought was not possible.We have not learned about Islam yet, maybe that is why i thought they are so different, apparently not different enough to believe both. It just makes it all the more amazing that Ann Holmes Redding was once a priest. I think it is a surprise that when Ann Redding's mother died that was when she started practicing Islam. I thought this because wouldn't--I think--you worship your God/Gods when something like this happens? I would have never thought you would change or at least add a religion. Those are my thoughts on my artical.

A Debate In Arabic

A Woman's Turn

Image Source: Google Images
Article Source: www.studentnewsdaily.com

Summary: This article is about Wafa Sultan. She is the author of the book A God Who Hates. She is famous for her writings about Islam. The story begins in a deli in Manhattan, New York. According to a review of the article,"Her position is politically incorrect and in December wasn't garnering much media interest," which means she has been wrong about things and now people are starting not to listen to her anymore. When Sultan was approached to do the debate, she accepted the challenge graciously. "I was so happy to do it," she says, in the article. The thing that she didn't fully realize or couldn't believe was that she actually was debating. In the article she says, "I was shocked to find I was debating." During the debate, the imam kept interrupting her and calling her bad names. From Wafa's perspective, "The host asked me to sum up my thoughts. He gave me two minutes. I began to speak and the imam interrupted again. I said to him in Arabic, "Shut up. It is my turn." Her words said to the imam made a big deal in the religion of Islam. "It was the first time in Islamic history a woman on national TV told a man, and not only a man, but an imam, 'Shut up, it is my turn.'

Response: I am greatful that Wafa did that. In fact, I would have done it myself. Unfortunatley, I don't speak Arabic. I am surprised that she debates about Christianity because she is Islamic and part of her family is Hindu, but I was glad to hear her opinion. I think that she accepted the opportuity to debate because she speaks Arabic and would be able to communicate well with other Arabs. I feel sorry for Sultan because she had a person that was rude and kept interupting her during the debate. I'm glad she stood up for herself in front of all those people because I know that that can be very hard to do.

Sacramento Churches Help the Homeless Housinglogo.png

Sacramento Sacramento churches, telethon raise $225,000 for homeless housing
In this article the Sacramento Churches are trying to raise money by doing a telethon, to raise money
for homeless people who need housing. They have raised over 225,000$ for the homeless. Around 80 churches
collected money for the homeless on Sunday for housing.

The churches goal is to raise 400,000 dollars.
If the churches raise all the money, the government will pay them 1.6 million dollars. And the money
altogether will equal 2 million which will give homes to 600 families over a six month period!
The churches feel confident to reach the goal. And they are thinking that more churches will participate,
by the end of may!

Catholic TV Going 3-D

CatholicTV rolls out shows in 3-D to attract youth

Source: appealdemocrat.com
CatholicTV wants to make Christian learning fun.... that means 3D. CatholicTV is a TV station based im Watertown Massachusetts keeping Christian learning everyday. This is an article about how CathoicTV will see if they can mix technology and religion together.
My Thoughts
3D will definitley get kids attention, and maybe even some adults. They might need to changes the shows so the 3D really comes out, as long as it doesn't scare the little kids. Some criticts might think it's not appropriate to mix 3D and Christianity together. I think it will work.

Believing in Christianity and Science

Biologist Wins Templeton Prize

In this small article a man named Francisco Ayala who was a Roman catholic priest says it okay to believe in science. But also Christianity which is the part where many disagree. He says it okay to believe in evolution but also the Holy spirit. Also he was awarded a prize for his research.
I think it is cool that some one got rewarded for a different thinking then others.

Hundreds Of Christian pilgrims retracing steps of Jesus

460-MEDEAST_ISRAEL_PALESTINIANS_PALM_SUNDAY.sff.embedded.prod_affiliate.81.jpg From Mount of Olives to Jerusalem hundreds of Christian pilgrims walked to mark Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday was the day (according to the bible) Jesus entered Jerusalem. As Jesus entered Jerusalem they waved palms so to represent that the Christian pilgrims waved flags. Most West Bank Palestinians were banned from Jerusalem. Although, twelve Palestinians broke through a crossing and were arrested. According to the Bible Palm Sunday is the start of the Holy week which concludes Easter the fallowing Sunday.

I think it was very important the Christians did this because it shows how much there religion means to them. Also, I was very surprised that twelve Palestinians were arrested. I thought there would be only two or three arrests. Another thing that was surprising is that hundreds of Christians walked. I didn’t think there would be so many. Overall I really enjoyed this article and I liked the way they represented how Jesus entered Jerusalem and how they fallowed his steps.

Christians pray before Sudanese election

This is about the upcoming Sudanese election for Southern Sudans independance. Recently the Islamic North and the Christian South have had some violent incidents. One time over 500 churches were destroyed. Worldwide, Christians are praying for peace.
I think they should secede so that they can stop having these religious conflicts. Many people get hurt AND if all goes well and they DO secede then then MAYBE there will be peace.
[[image:../files/2010_03/world_25580_1.jpg width="547" height="316" caption="Sudanese walk under a posters supporting one of eleven Sudanese Presidency candidates, Yasser Saeed, in Khartoum, Sudan, Wednesday, March 24, 2010."]]

The Last Supper is Supersized


The famous painting of the last supper has grown over the years. I am not talking about the frame size. I am talking about the food in this famous painting.

I just finished reading this article about the last supper.These professors have been studying the amount of food in this famous painting . They say that the amount of food in the painting is getting bigger because of the amount of food that people owned during the different time periods that the paintings where made in. What I think is that the artists are trying to exaggerate the amount of food because Jesus was considered a king, and kings are very rich, so they should be able to eat a lot of food. I think Jesus' last meal was just lots of people's ways of saying that we will never forget you.

The Last Supper
The Last Supper

Pope Accepts Anglican Church in Canada



Article source: The Globe And Mail
Picture source: St. Luke Winnipeg .com
This article is about a traditional Anglican Church in Canada being accepted into the Roman Catholic Church. The arrangement allows the Anglicans Church to keep their prayer books and rituals, keep their own bishop, but agree to the Pope's rules. The story is newsworthy because the agreement lets woman be priests, and for priests to get married. In the Roman Catholic Church only men can be priests, and the priests can never get married because a priest's commitment is made to God and the church, rather than to another human.
I think that it is fair that the Pope has accepted the Anglican Church of Canada into the Roman Catholic Church. They had been excluded in the past from the Roman Catholic Church because of their beliefs in women being priests and priests marrying. I think that men and women should have equal rights and both should have the opportunity to be priests. I also think it is important that priests can get married. By accepting this church into the Roman Catholic Church, the Pope is showing compassion. Compassion is a major theme in religion, and it is important to practice what your preach.

Obama’s spiritual life takes more private turn

This article is about President Obama and how he studied Christianity. When Obama was running for President he told his supporters Christianity was one of his main focuses in his life. But, since Obama was elected he has only gone to church 4 times and prayed 6 or 7 times. He gets a "Daily Devotional" from aides send to his Blackberry. Obama tries to hide his Spiritual doings from Politics. If the president says he is Chistian, he shouldn't hide it from the public. What difference does it make??

When I saw this article, it was weird to hear about the president in a normal life discussion. When I heard that Obama said that he was Christian to his supporters, then barely went to Church I was interested to read more. When I read that some people think President Obama should study Christianity and get a church membership would send a signal about his depth of conviction. Then he didn't go to church!? I was upset that he lied!!!


Massacre in Nigeria


This article is about a Massacre that took place in Nigeria. More than 200 people died in the March 7th,2010 Massacre. This took place in predominately Christian towns. The attackers were Muslims that lived on a faith based fault line between Muslim dominated northern Nigeria and the mainly Christian south. The Violence often pits Christians and Muslims away from each other. They are also fighting over land, cattle and jobs. Basically there is a country split in half, 1 side for Christians and 1 side for Muslims. You can't cross the line, or if you do you could be risking your life.

Policemen stand guard at the police headquarters in Jos, Nigeria, on March 10, three days after the massacre.
Policemen stand guard at the police headquarters in Jos, Nigeria, on March 10, three days after the massacre.

Morocco rids itself of Christian adoptive parents

[[http://www.csmonitor.com%Proxy-Connection: keep-aliveCache-Control: max-age=0World/Middle-East/2010/0311/Christian-aid-worker-purge-Morocco-orders-dozens-in-five-cities-to-be-deported|Christian aid worker purge? Morocco orders dozens in five cities to be deported.]]
This article is about a recent demand to deport Christians from Morocco because the Morrocan Government believed they were teaching the muslim children they were caring for, christian beliefs. This is called proselytizing and the authorities said it is a crime in this muslim nation. These Christians have been in Morocco for over 10 years caring for these orphaned kids. This left over 33 children without someone to care for them and the event caused great sadness and weeping from the kids as they were taken away from their caretakers. Article source: The Christian Science Monitor.com

This makes me feel sad, because what's more important, these children being loved and cared for or religion? There is no proof in this article that these children were being taught christianity and not the Quaran. It seems strange that Christians can do charitable work here but cannot spread their faith. Although I do think it's important to respect the beliefs of the Muslims who make up 98% of the population.

Controversy Over Female Priest in Catholic Church (example title)

Event explores topic of women as ordained Catholic priests
external image 1M1WOMEN.xlgraphic.prod_affiliate.4.JPG This article discusses the experience of a female priest in a catholic church in Sacramento, California. She is not recognized as a real priest by the Roman Catholic Church, but her church is part of something called the Independent Catholic Church. The article talks about a big meeting that people had to discuss the issue of women being priests in the Catholic Church. Article Source: Sacramento Bee, Image Source: Sacramento Bee (Example summary)
I wonder why the catholic church does not allow female priests but the some Protestant churches do. The article mentioned it has to do with the apostles all being male, which I remember studying in class. I wish the article had more comments from people who have females as their priest and what they think about it. (Example your thoughts)


This article talkes about Elizabeth English, a women who is a priest at a catholic church.But to the romen cathloic church, Elizabeth symbolizes a topic that church leaders considered closed. Elizabeth had left that church because she got a calling five years ago to come to the Independent catholic church. Here is how she felt befor she had left the Romen Catholic church. " I have to leave the church; there is no place for me" " I wish there was" Elizabeth said.
This article shows how we helped her get away to where people wouldent talk behind her back and wouldent jude her. Now Elizabeth is living a happy life and dosent want to go back to the life she had befor.


Haiti gets help from churches


This article talks about churches that are helping with the earthquake in Haiti. In the closest country, the Dominican Republic, Lorenzo Mota King is in charge of the social services of the Dominican churches. He feels as though the Dominican and Haiti will always be there for each other. " As the country closest to Haiti, of course we have the responsibility in serving them. And as the organizations that are here during the earthquake come and go-before, during and after-we will always be the country closest to them." Right now he is working 24 hours a day to help Haiti. On the other hand, Pastor Pierre Philippe's church is contributing everything that they can. It is a small church that can barely support itself. Many people in the congregation were born in Haiti or had relatives there. Many of the people at this church were affected by it deeply and this is why they were giving all that they had to the victims of Haiti.

I think that both churches are doing the right thing to help Haiti. Lorenzo Mota King is donating his time and effort to help Haiti, but Pastor Pierre Philippe's church is donating money and possibly clothing and other thing like that. In my opinion though, both things are equal, as long as every one is contributing something. One question-Have Mota King and Pastor Pierre Philippe ever met in person? I think that if they met each other, they could give Haiti a big boost.

The Death of Christian

This article is showing how six muslims killed a christian named Masih. These people killed him for not leting the muslims convert to christianity.
He had been burned by the muslims. If you had asked me about the articles, I would be shocked.(The other article has a little bit of a grose picture, so you might want to skip it.) It also might be sad about this because the family lost part of them.
another artcle about this

Holy week in Mexico

This article is about the holy week before easter happening in Mexico. The week before easter there is a big celebration for easter in Cerro de Estrella in Mexico city's Iztapalapa borough. During this week people set up artificial beaches near pools to make it more relaxing. Almost 2 million people come to mexico for this event with many festivities including when a local "Jesus" is crucified. This event has real nails and real blood to nail him to the cross. On palm sunday 60,000 people attended services around the area. This is a huge week for people in mexico city because it is so important and holy to them. They even consider monday a holiday for a "holiday hangover".
Passion iztapalapa
Passion iztapalapa

My thoughts on this aricle is how much people in mexico worship jesus. This must be a very big celebration for them with many activities and real life senerios. It is exciting to know how many people worship and belive jesus is the messiah. So many touristis and familys from all different kinds of cultures came to see this event in the reserection of jesus christ.
Holy week in mexico
By Kevin Ward

The Rise In Christianity
Jessie O'Keefe
The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life and the Council on Relations co-hosted a lunch-in regarding “the Global Rise of Christianity on March 3, 2005 at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York.” Christianity is the fastest growing religion in developing countries. But major conflicts are occurring between Christians and Muslims. My thoughts about this article is that I’m not that surprised that Christianity is the fastest spreading religion because when Ms. Pinchback showed the class the percentage of Christianity in the world there was a ton!
News Article
The Spread of Christianity
The Spread of Christianity

Extreme Devotion

by, Jack Madden

Recently, Christian worshipers in the Philippines, in honor of holy week, have been whipping themselves and even offering to be crucified. This is an annual event and has been done in years past and will most likely continue. The Filipinos have been warned no to do this but they continue to because o the devotion to god. My thoughts are first that this is very extreme to be doing but also shows extreme devotion to god and jesus. Also this is just one of the ways that devoted worshipers show their honor to their god(s). To learn more about this story click here Source:google newsexternal image ALeqM5gXzeC6crQ4Ng4gsFHVnCUp9X2VQA?size=l