How to become a Rabbi

external image homepage-logo.gif This article discusses an organization called Taglit- Birthright Israel. Birthright is an organization that provides a free ten day trip to Israel for Jewish people between the ages of 18-29. The program started in 2000 by Jewish philanthropists in an effort to increase Jewish participation and involvement in Jewish life. Many people who initially go on the trip are not involved in their Jewish communities, but often are impacted by their time in Israel. “The intensity of the moment at the Wailing Wall is something I will never forget” Litvak said. (Example Summary) I think that this trips sounds like an unbelievable opportunity. I wonder if everyone who goes on the trip becomes more religious and involved in the Jewish community when they come to back to the U.S. I also wonder if people who are not Jewish are allowed to go on the trip or if they somehow sneak on. (Example Your Thoughts)

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Supply-Side Judaism

Have you ever heard of supply and demand? Well there is a problem with that in the Jewish community. The rising interest in Jewish heritage, traditions, and learnings by young Jewish adults has gotten so high, it is hard to have enough rabbis and ways to learn about the religion to go around. The Jewish community doesn’t have enough supply (rabbis, ways to learn) to meet the rising demand (young Jewish adults). This article is about the supply and demand problem in the Jewish community and lists ways this can be fixed. In my opinion, this is a very important article, if Judaism, or any religion for that matter wants to get young people involved, they need to ensure they have the resources to follow through .

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Avi Chai Waiting for it's Final Decade Avi Chai's Foundation News

New York, Jewish Week ( article ) Google images ( Picture of foundation)

Avi Chai is one of the best supporters to Jewish schools. But, it is now going to get closed down until 2020, because it spends 600 million dollars on asset. But now that it is getting closed, Jewish summer camps, and schools won't get the same donations from Avi Chai. Now people thinks that the Jewish world, and education is going to change because Avi Chai is closing. It still has 600 million dollars for 10 more years, but some people think that it might not be enough.

I think it is not enough, if it is going to support all of the Jewish schools, and camps for 10 years. Some people might think that they will spend only a little at a time, but when there are new fancy stuff around, they will use it. It's not only about supporting a new school, but helping old school's have new computers, books, and more. If I am correct, then they will lose all their money and not have enough for few years. But, if the schools, spend the right amount every year, and the students take good care of the matirials, then i think they will be fine.

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Woman ‘Rabba’ Roils Orthodox World

This article explains that a rabbi from Bronx, New York is a rabbi at an Orthodox Jew church, and wants a women named Sara Hurwitz, to be a rabba (a women leader). They Orthodox nation at this temple doesn't want Ms. Hurwitz to be a rabba because any congregation with a rabbinical women of any sort cannot be considered Orthodox. The controversy over this rabbi's move also extends into the Rabbinical Council of America, a body representing Modern Orthodox rabbis of which this rabbi is a member of. The rabbi's name is Avi Weiss. If I were an Orthodox Jew I would not let her become a rabba because it is against a Jewish law, which I said earlier.

New Branch of Judaism is Gaining Popularity
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This article explains that there is a newer branch of Judaism that does not mention some key people like other branches do. The three other branches are Conservative Judaism, Orthodox Judaism, and Reform Judaism. The newer branch is called Humanistic Judaism. Even though the other branches have been around a long time, this branch is picking up a lot of people. Rabbi Adam Chalom talks about his congregation and how he became a Humanistic Jew. "Jewishness is food; it's language; it's family history; it's art and creativity; it's culture. And so, we decided, why not make that the center of our Judaism?"

I think this is good that a new branch is coming out and it isn't for my benefit. If someone was Jewish, but they were not very keen on the religious parts, he or she could become a Humanistic Jew. This branch is even less religious then Reform Judaism. If more people join though, the small group of Jewish people could expand.

Speaking for the Pope. A beacon of hope.
Pope visits Synagogue, calls for dialogue.

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Pope Benedict XVI talks with chief Rabbi Riccardo Di Segni on Sunday in Rome's main synagogue.
Pope Benedict XVI talks with chief Rabbi Riccardo Di Segni on Sunday in Rome's main synagogue.
In this article, Pope Benedict XVI visits the main Synagogue in Rome to talk about the Holocaust, and how Jews and Catholics should keep an open dialogue. The Pope says that Jews and Catholics should discuss issues such as poverty and disease. This is a big deal because Pope Benedict XVI was the first Pope to visit the Tempio Maggiore, or Great Temple in 24 long years. In the picture shown above, you see Pope Benedict XVI and chief Rabbi Riccardo Di Segni speaking together as a Jew, and a Catholic. Just as Pope Benedict wanted.

For me, this is amazing that Pope Benedict XVI was the first Pope in 24 years to go to visit the Tempio Maggiore because it is so interesting to think that no Pope has been to the temple in almost 25 years! I think it is very good that Pope Benedict XVI wants Catholics and Jews to have more of an open dialogue. I think this is very good because we can solve problems so much easier when we all talk together. I wonder if every Jew or Catholic is okay with this or if they don't think that we should have more open dialogue.

The Birthplace of Judaism

Holy Land

external image aleppo-citadel-614.jpgThis article tells us about the rise of three faiths Judaism, Christianity,and Islam. Where it is decribing Judaism It teles the story of the exodus. In this story baby Moses flotes down the river in a basket . Found by the pharos daughter he grew up as a prince. But he was banished because he killed a solder. When he got older he led the isrealights to freedom. It also teles the story of the Western Wall and Abriham.

There could be missing parts of the bible that are being found!

Reunion of ancient scroll fragments illuminates missing link in Bible's evolution


This article is about how 2 Isralies paleographers were looking at the news paper when something couaght their eye. It looked to them as if there was a pice missing from the Jewish bible at Duke University in North Carolina. Together (Duke and the paleographers), know the song of the sea by seeing different manuscripts and adding the information together. The Isralies and the people at Duke University are trying to pice together this mystery.

I think that it is really cool that part of the bible could be found. I think that if the part is really missing there will be a really interesting story about how it isn't in the bible.

Jews of Different Races

African-American Jews

external image post4.jpgThis article is about Ms. Yavilah McCoy, an African-American woman with a family who are Orthodox Jews and the hatred some other Jews show towards them because of their skin color. Ms. McCoy, sings a mixture of Gospel music and classical Jewish music to shield her family and overcome the unfair prejudice directed at them. Ms. McCoy leads a group, and they sing this new version of Jewish liturgy. She wants the whole world to know that Jews can come in a variety of shades and colors so that her children can have a brighter future. Ms. McCoy's grandmother, Jeanette Tate, was the first of the McCoys to convert from Christianity to Judaism. She was not considered Jewish by many white Jews at the time. It is harder for African- Americans to be accepted in Judaism then white Jews.

I think that it is horrible how much racism still remains in the world. Even though Yavilah is faced with such difficulties in life, she still laughs and smiles, and fights back by singing. After reading about her actions, I am constantly reminded of how alike she acts to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. She believes that Jews, no matter what color their skin, should be treated equally, and I agree with that.

Making Judaism Bedtime Reading

One Quiet Donor, Two Million Books

Harold Grinspoon’s PJ Library sends books to Jewish children at no cost.
Harold Grinspoon’s PJ Library sends books to Jewish children at no cost.

This article is about a fit 80 year old man, Harold Grinspoon who sends Jewish-themed books to Jewish families for free. In only four years he has given away 2 million books. He is trying to strengthen religious identity of Jews everywhere, especially those who are children of mixed marriges who don't recieve alot of religous education. The first month, he had 200 participates, now more than 4 years later the books 60,000 children in the United States and Canada each month. I think that this is a very kind thing to do. I wonder what his books were about? Were they simple stories about the Jewish culture such as the story of Abraham or Moses?? I wonder if Grinspoon was an author himself? I also think it would be interesting to hear what the children recieving the books thought of them. Source: The Boston Globe

New brach of judaism gains followers
new form of judaism appeals to new wave of jews
external image 14229_72_1.jpg

This article is about a new branch of judaism called humanistic judaism. It is an interview with a humanistic rabbi Adam Chalom. This new judaism is about the cultural and creative side of judaism. It does not focus so much on the religious pieces, because some jews believe many different things, whichare not allowed to be belived in other branches. This branch of judaism is relatively new compared to the other branches, but it is gaining followers very fast. It is even less religious than reform judaism, which is good for some people who cannot live an entirely religion based life because of their schedule. I think that this is a very smart idea, because some people have all the beliefs of jews, but do not have time to practice them. Also, some people might have the majority of the beliefs, but not all of them. This branch of judaism has only started recently, but with followers increasing faster than other branches, this could soon be a major branch of judaism.

Brooklyn family keeps Latino-Jewish traditions alive

Latino-Jewish family traditions and their live

Picture and Article Source:


CNN Student News

Moshe Nunez and his family moved to Crown Heights, a New York neighborhood with thousands of Hasidic Jews.
Moshe Nunez and his family moved to Crown Heights, a New York neighborhood with thousands of Hasidic Jews.

This article is about a latino family who traced back their roots and figured out that they where jewish. Moshe and his wife where raised christian as children and then Moshe began to study the torah and then he decided to live a jewish life. He said that when they have a sabbath day (Every Friday sundown to Saturday sundown) the table is not completed without salsa picada and jalapeno dip. These people bring a latino mix to their religion and to their home here is a qoute that he said..."We bring into our home a mixture of the American and Latin culture, and that's reflected in the way we eat. We also enjoy hosting guests, so it's a very Hispanic thing, and a Jewish thing." I think that it is kind of cool how this man, Moshe Nunez traced back his roots and began to study the torah and is now and orthodox jew (The most serious branch). I also think that it is cool how Nunez brought a little bit of latino into his religion and his home to change it up a little bit. Something else that is cool is that he is a musician as one job and he teaches religion classes at the Empire State Building in spanish and english as a second job!


Govenor hangs mezuzah on door
Del.'s 1st Jewish Gov. Hangs Mezuzah At Mansion
article Source:

Maryland AP News

external image hand-mezuzah.jpg

image source: My jewish

A mezzuzah is usually attached to a door of jewish families inside of it is a parchment of the shema.

The article is about how Rabbi Peter Grumbache attaches a Mezzuzah to a door post. The small boxes that has a prayer shall inside are usually attached to jewish family
homes. He is not the first govener to hang the mezzuzah

**A Synagogue in Cairo**

My article is about one of Cairo's most historic Synagogue's. The Synagogue was supposed to be rededicated last week. The 19th century Synagogue was built in Rabbi Moses ben Maimon's honor.

​A Recent, KKK Like, Crime
Temple Beth El in Boca Raton, FL
Temple Beth El in Boca Raton, FL

Boca Raton police: Synagogue vandalism a hate crime

This article is about a crime that happened to the Beth El synagogue. People came to the synagogue and ruined it and wrote mean-racist messages on the walls! They also had broke important vases and other items. They think they were supporters of Hitler and may have or could have had relatives involved with KKK because of carvings they found on the wall. One of them said "Hail Hitler". They also think that the same people broke into a cemetery close by.
I think that it was very wrong of the people to do that. If the people are caught I think they should be put in jail for life. Also I think the police should investigate their family they could have been part of it too. I have no doubt that the people who vandalized the cemetery also did this crime. I think that this is a very scary and exciting article.


Changing Face in Poland: Skinhead Puts on Skullcap
This article is about a man named Pawel, who became a skinhead at a young age and thought that Poland should be for Poles only not Jews. He would beat up local Jewish kids and he thought that more Jews should have died in the Holocaust. One day his family told him that he was a Jew. He didn’t believe it at first, but they explained to him that many Jews kept their identity a secret to stay alive. He struggled with this new information for a while. He started reflecting and praying more and thinking why did he do those things as a skinhead. He ended up turning into a strict Orthodox Jew.

At first I didn’t like Pawel, because I couldn’t understand why he became a skinhead. Why would anyone want to kill Jews? I was grateful to hear that he came to peace with his Jewish heritage. I was relieved that he was praying and reflecting more about his past.

Leading Jewish Orthodox Thinker dies at 98

Link to this article and more!

This article is mainly about a very intelligent Jewish "thinker" who made many great acomplishments toroughout his lifetime, and he just died at the age of 98. He was a big part of the fight for womens right and he was president of the Rabbinicial Council of America. I think that he is going to be remembered very well in the Jewish world because of his acomplishments and his role.

external image rabbi-emanuel-rackman-ah.jpg
external image rabbi-emanuel-rackman-ah.jpg
Rabbi Emanuel
Rackman Rackman

Obama Goes to the Western Wall

Obama's prayer pried from wall
external image 072608prayer_cst_feed_20080725_17_53_52_64-282-400.imageContent
external image cst_logo_353_2.gif
external image cst_logo_353_2.gif

The Western Wall is in Jerusalem and is the last part of the sacred Jewish Temple. At this place many people come and write notes to God and slide them into the cracks of the wall, they also come just to pray. Barack Obama went to the Western Wall. He put a prayer in a crack of the wall even though he is Christian. We think that what our former presedent wrote is "Lord-- Protect my family and me forgive me my sins, and help me gaurd against pride and despair. Give me the wisdom to do what is right and just. And make me an instrument of your will.". When the Western Wall rabbi, Shmuel Robinovitz found out the prayer got public, the rabbi wasn't happy about it saying, "The notes placed between the stones of the Western Wall are between a person and his make. It is forbidden to read them," Shmuel said. " The publication damages the Western Wall and damages the personal, deep part of every one of us that we keep to ourselves.". Other newspapers decicided to not publish the note, probably agreeing with the rabbi.

In this article I had mixed emotions. The whole controversy with puting a note from the Western Wall in the public made some people upset (like the rabbi). If I was writing the article I wouldn't have put the note in the writing because it is what they said to God and that is very special to the Jewish people. Even though it makes the article interesting and if it wasn't in article I would wonder what Obama wrote I think it is still disrespectful to the Jewish beliefs. I still thought the article was very interesting.

This is a menorah (not the tallest)
This is a menorah (not the tallest)

The Tallest Menorah

This article talks about the tallest menorah. It was built in Latrun, Israel, in the year of 1997. It weighed 17 metric tons and it was 60 feet tall. The menorah took up 600 square meters. It was made of metal pipes. Every night of the holiday, a rabbi was lifted in a crane to light the candles. Many people have claimed to have the largest menorah but the one in Latrun, Israel is definately the tallest so far.

This menorah sounds like something people would want to see. Especially with the candles lit. It would probably be hard to reach the top without the crane helping. I think it is really cool that they built a 60 feet tall menorah but it might have been pretty hard to make it. I wonder if it is still in Israel?

The Tallest Menorah Link

Religion changing a mans life

Source: The Boston Globe

For fallen surgeon, a higher power

This article is about David, a man who used to have a great life. He had a Harvard Medical School degree, and a house in the South End. But then in summer of 2002 when he was doing surgery on a patient in the middle of it he left to go cash his paycheck. After that he got his medical license taken away and his drug problem went out of control, soon he was sent to prison.Today he is a happier person because he was visited by a rabbi when in prison and now he is a ultra-Orthodox Jew. Now the question is if he will stay off drugs once he is out prison.
I think it's great that David stopped taking drugs and found a new life by becoming Jewish. I read another article about a man who also became a better person by become a Jew. If most bad people became religious the world would be a better place.

Orthodox Jew Emerges as a Reggae Singer Matisyahu Enlightens Fans with Reggae Hannukah

external image matisyouth200.jpg?t=1248630850

This article is about Matisyahu, yes, it's an interesting name, but this guy has got an interesting story to go along with it! Speaking of names, Matisyahu was born Matthew Miller in the suburbs outside of New York City with little connections to his Jewish roots. However, all of that changed upon a visit he took to Israel in high school when he came to the realization that Judaism was something he could connect with. Sure enough, six years later, Matisyahu found himself a practicing Orthodox Jew but something else as well. Matisyahu had become a performer, but one of great uniqueness. To this day, Matisyahu is considered a reggae singer. As you may be able to expect, he adds a whole different perspective to performing because he is an Orthodox Jew. Towards the end of the article from the link above, Matisyahu speaks of a concert he had during Hannakuh. He mentions that it is tricky to abide to religious laws that he practices but that this particular concert was "a time where music and performing, on a technical level-plugging in guitar amps and playing music - is not a problem." He also says that he consults his Ruv (Rabbinical authority) when he is in doubt regarding his religious rules. Read the article to find out more about this fascinating Orthodox Jew, and performer!

I think that this article (found on National Public Radio, NPR,) introduces someone who may not be well known to the public but is also someone who has a really interesting story. This article gives you the main description of Matisyahu and who he is as a person as well as how he became who he is today. I found this article interesting because Matisyahu is an Orthodox Jew and this article even talks about his difficulties in fulfilling the mitzvot. Also, he mentions a certain concert that he had during Hannakuh that allowed him to feel differently about the difficulty of fulfilling the mitzvot. After all, there are 613 of them!

Check out the video featuring Matisyahu!

Jews watch play carefully
Reading about plays that hurt
This article is about Jews worried about what the play will do in negativity. The different Jew groups feel different about certain changes. The Jews have found “anti-Jewish” stereo types and think it is wrong to do this. Well why don’t you read the article and start a discussion on how you feel about all this. I think this isn’t right although I am not Jewish I know many Jews so it even hurts me. Even if it is the truth it doesn’t have to be so anti-Jewish. I know what you are thinking this is life, life is the truth, but the truth hurts.
external image thumbRNSPASSIONPLAY022410b.jpg&w=200

Reform Judaism

Reform Judaism- Being Reformed!

In this article, it talks about many reform Jewish Rabbis complaining that there is not enough tradition in Reform Judaism. They gathered in Pittsburgh to talk about ways to add more rituals and spirit to their lives. The article said, "... more jews look for spirituality in life..". They are also planning to put more meaning on the torah and Jewish law. Reform Judaism is supposed to be ever changing with the modern world. Some people believe and argue that they are learning less and less, and think that they are losing some choices, because "You can't choose from ignorance"
I chose this picture because it symbolizes more and more reform Jews putting more meaning on the torah

Florida Temple robbery

Florida Synagogue Racism Robbery

On February 16, 2010 there was a robbery and vandalism of a synagogue in Boca Raton, Florida. Many religious items were thrown around the room but none seemed to be truly damaged. Racist and hate crimes all around the temple. Some of the most sacred items were found misplaced very disrespectfully and racist signs were found. People are becoming more aware that there are still people out there with the feel to do this terrible crime. The synagogue was restored back to it's original state and the three vandals were caught; three minors.
'Rabbi Dan Levin said he is working closely with police. "These events are not simply attacks on Temple Beth El and the Jewish community, but on the larger community in which we live," Levin said, "In spite of this event, we know that the fabric of this community, and the values we teach in our congregation, are stronger than any act of hatred can break.'
Rabbi Dan Levin still has faith in his temple.

Hot kosher Buffalo wings

external image 267_22780_friendseat_BuffaloWing.jpg
external image 267_22780_friendseat_BuffaloWing.jpg



2 1/2 lbs chicken wings
  • 1 tsp. salt
  • 1/4 tsp. pepper
Cook kosher chicken and drain off grease. Arrange cooked chicken in an oven dish.
  • 1/4 c. of hot sauce
  • 1/4 c. water
  • 1/4 c. butter
  • 1 tbsp. cinder vinegar

This recipe is to show that kosher is just the same as any other food. also how it is the same as other wings.

Also how it is made in a way that is cleaner than just washing it.

If you use this recipe and come pare them to other wings and they will taste the same.

i think that is is a good way to show people how food is just food and it can be made in a way they some people might not make it.

Jewish Musical Group
The Klezmer Conservatory Band will celebrate its 30th anniversary with a special performance during the Boston Jewish Music Festival.
The Klezmer Conservatory Band will celebrate its 30th anniversary with a special performance during the Boston Jewish Music Festival.

The Klezmer Conservatory Band will celebrate its 30th anniversary with a special performance during the Boston Jewish Music Festival.

A group of Jewish musicians come together for the Boston Jewish music festival. I starts tomorrow and continues though the week. this will be a reminder of the music in the Jewish tradition that is so little.

Jessie's Articalexternal image star-of-david.jpgtorah.jpgPope stuck in 'Groundhog Day' scenario with Jews, expert says

This article is about a person who dicovered he had jewish routs and decided to become a Jewish person.
“I still struggle every day to discard my past ideas,’’ said Pawel, now an orthodox Jew. he used to hate jewish people and calls himself now a neo-nazi when he reflects back. he has made study of the torah and is loving being jewish!!
"Pawel’s metamorphosis illustrated just how far the country had come." said rabi Michael Schudrich “Before 1989 there was a feeling that it was not safe to say, I am a Jew,’’ But today, he feels there is a growing feeling that Jews are 'missing a limb.' Five years ago, the rabbi noticed there were about 250 families in the Jewish community of Warsaw; now he sees 600. During that period, the number of rabbis serving the country has grown from one to eight.quite a feet i think but also a sadness.

pawel's parents were overly fond of quoting the Old Testament. His grandfather hinted about past family secrets, he said, “One time when I told my grandfather that Jews were bad, he exploded and screamed at me, ‘If I ever hear you say such a thing again under my roof, you will never come back!’ ’’Pawel married at age 18 but he changed at 22. His life changed when his wife, Paulina, wondering if she had Jewish roots, went to a genealogical institute and Pawel’s saw grandparents on a register of Warsaw Jews, along with her grandparents. When Pawel confronted his parents, he said, they told him that his maternal grandmother was Jewish and had survived the holicost by being hidden in a monastery.

the link to my articlal

Clashes in West Bank and Jerusalem

Israelis and Palestinians have been fighting around holy areas. Both groups say their ancestors claimed the land and think it is theirs. Currently the land is officially owned by the country of Israel. There have been many protests in Hebron the traditional burial place of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. It is important to Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Although it is in West Bank, the Israelis placed it on the national heritage list. In Jerusalem there was new violence near the al-Aqsa Mosque that is important to both Jews and Muslims.

I think the U.N. or a other peacekeeping force should step in and neutrally settle this. Otherwise some major religious site will be destroyed causing much anger, pain and chaos as violence spreads. I think that they should not be fighting and consult many,many,many historians from neutral countries to see which group has been there the longest and the first. Pope stuck in 'Groundhog Day' scenario with Jews, expert says relates to what we have been learning about Israel and Palestine fighting.It also relates to the movie "Promises' by showing the violence between the two groups and how it affects people's lives.
external image middleeast-holysites.jpgLink to my article
My source:

Who is a Jew?

An article from the New York Times

This first article in the New York Times is about what makes a person a Jew in the eyes of the religion versus the eyes of the law. A Jewish girl was not accepted into the best Jewish school in Britain even though she had good grades. She is Jewish, her dad is Jewish, but she wasn’t accepted because her mom was not born Jewish but she converted to Judaism when her parents married. They didn’t care what the dad’s religion was but they care what the mom was. The Jewish religion is matrilineal, which means it goes through the mother and her ancestors. Even though this rule of matrilineality is not stated in the Torah, Jewish tradition says that it is matrilineal. The school didn't accept her because she wasn't Jewish enough.
The second article in the New York Times is about the decision of the British court on this case. The family won their suit against the school. The court decided that using the classic test of who is Jewish (whether your mother is Jewish) is discrimination. The court said that the test was an ethnic test because it concerned the mother rather than the child. By the rule of the school, a religious, Jewish child could not get in if their mom was not "Jewish". If the mom was Jewish and the child was a non-believer, they would be able to go to the school. The court said that this wasn’t religion but ethnic based choice and therefore illegal. The court said that to be admitted, it should depend not on family ties, but “on faith, however defined.”
In my opinion the court decided correctly. The matrilineal law is not fair to children whose mothers are either not Jewish or who are converts but not Orthodox converts. The school said the religion of the mother was more important than that of the child who would be attending the school. This seems unfair.
external image articleInline.jpg
Who Is a Jew #1
Who Is a Jew #2
The artical Judiasm 101 artical is a good artical because it has lots of info and facts of judisam so you can learn a lot. It also has a lot of good headings you can look at like people, places, things, words etc... I liked this artical because it helpedme leaen a lot more abot judiasm.

How To Become A Rabbi
This is a great article. It describes how a person can become a rabbi or the traits they need such as being jewish! I think that becoming a rabbi sounds kinda hard and tough (it sounds like there is alot of working involved). I wonder what percentage out of 100 jewish people would like to or are rabbis. If i were jewish i wouldnt want to become a rabbi because of the work and also it takes away time from other jobs/carreers you would like to take on in the future. I think this realates to our trip to the synagouge because rabbis work at a synagouge they are like the leaders...they lead the congragation and read from the torah (the holy bible). Also i think it is interesting that not all forms of judaism alow women as rabbis. I wonder what the reason is for that fact (women being rabbis).

Olympic Rabbi ready for disaster

This article is about a Rabbi who set up in the Olympic Village, during the athletes stay. No one needed his services, but he said he had to be there just in case. He and some other set up a "multi-faith" center so anyone could come. Only the service leaders showed up. None of the athletes came for spiritual counseling or guidance diuring the games. He was fine with the way it had turned out. "No one needed us and that's all right." They had to be there to set up just in case. Right before the Candian mens hockey game against the U.S. they saw the Rabbi and told him to start praying. When Rabbi Birnham found out they won, he said "Our prayers are working. This is a moment of inter-spiritual success."

I think this article is interesting. It's good that they all went there to support the athletes and to offer help and guidance to anyone who needed it. It shows that there is always someone there to help or give you counseling through tough times/disaster. Most people would go through, not acknowledging that someone was there to help them.

Fishing For Jews In Russia's Muddy Waters

Link to this Page

0_2c403_aaec5091_L_m.jpeg This article is about how this spring Howerd Flower and his assistants are going to Russia this spring. They are "fishing" for jews. He plans to look trough the phone book. He is going to look for jewish sounding names. He is doing this because people might not even know there Jewish, and they are. He is going to talk them into moving to Isreal. About 233,000 Russians self-identified they were Jewish. But Jewish leaders believe that it is an underestimate. Find out why on this website!

Earthquake in Chile destroys Jewish synagogue

There was a recent earthquake that did a great deal of damage to Chile, a country on the west coast of South America. It has a fairly large Jewish community of about 16,000 followers, most in the country's capital, Santiago. Even though the earthquake was supposed to have a rating of 8.8 out of 10, the Jewish community very minorly damaged. In fact, only one synagogue was destroyed in the great catastrophe. The damage to the synangogue however, was bad. According to Rabbi Tzvi Graetz, the walls were cracked, and the roof caved in. (I don't have an image because my computer wouldn't let me drag or paste any pictures.

To find out more, click here

**Pope visits synagogue, calls for dialogue**

Pope Benedict XVI talks with chief Rabbi Riccardo Di Segni on Sunday in Rome's main synagogue.
Pope Benedict XVI talks with chief Rabbi Riccardo Di Segni on Sunday in Rome's main synagogue.

This article is about how Pope Benedict XVI will be the first Pope since 1986 to visit the main Jewish synagogue in Rome, Italy. It also is about how the pope says "Christians and Jews, share to a great extent a common spiritual patrimony." This means Christians and Jews share many beliefs, including they both believe in monotheism (One God). Also the Pope moved Holocaust-era Pope Pius XII one step closer to sainthood. Some Jews got angry by this because they think he didn't help the Jewish people during the holocaust. At the end of the article the Pope talks about how the Catholic Church asks forgiveness for actions that contributed to the scourge of anti-Semitism and anti-Judaism and looks forward to warmer relationships between Catholics and Jews.

parent circle helps find peace

external image logo_parentscircle.jpg

this article is about two parents in the middle east conflict who have joined parents circle. parent circle is a non profit organization that helps find peace through parents who have lost imedite family members to the war. the parents first joined when they lost a family member. when they joined parents circle they argued about who knew about pain and who didn't but when they listened they realized that it is all the same pain. now at the moment they are best friends and give many joint speeches. they talk about how there is hope if we talk together. so far I think there doing a great job

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Gospil singers


This artical is about a African American family that is jewish. They have worked really hard to blend the two cultures. this woman who is doing this is doing it because when she was a kid she was not accepted and that is not what she wants her kids to go through.Some of the ways that she is doing this it teaching
Gospil music to other people in hre community because of what she is doing her kids do not have to go through anything that her and hersister went through
when they were kids, and that i what ger goal was the whole time but she is not going to stop there she is going the continue with what she is doing and keep
on hepling her community.

Cartoons about Judaism
In this article, cartoonist Robert Manckoff talks about his cartoons involving Jews and possibly making fun of them. Robert mentions that he wanted to make cartoons of something that wasn't very popular this year, but in the 1920s and 1930s. In his drawings, he only intends to "poke fun at generic religion" and not make fun of his own beliefs. Robert thinks that his cartoons aren't mean, but definitely has sensitivity to others reading his work. He states that his cartoons are not meant to have strong statements affecting the Jewish religion, but to simply display humor. I think that Roberts cartoons are not meant to be hurtful, but they might mistakenly cause debates between people reading his work. I also think that Robert may be portraying some meaningless stereotypes in his cartoons that real Jews will notice. I agree with a comment made on this article, it said, "Like the 24/6 cartoon here, Im not sure many non-Jews will find it amusing and many wont even get it."


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Ultra - Orthodox Israeli Rabbi and Religious leader Dies at 93

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This article is about an inspiring ultra - orthodox Jewish leader named Menache'm Porush who died at 93 years, on February 22, 2010. He was very respected among a community of one of the most strict Orthodox (the most religious branch of Judaism) parties in Parliament, a town in Israel. He was the founder of several religious educational centers for ultra - orthodox youth. He enforced many strict Jewish laws from religious books and the Torah, such as leading a protest against the Israeli Supreme Court that shops should not be open on Sabbath days. Doing this made Israel a much more religious place. Many ultra orthodox and orthodox Jews in his community were in great grief on the happening of this event. He was quoted at his eulogy by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as "a dear, wise, and warm man."

My Thoughts on this event are that it displays a great amount of importance to the Jewish community. I also think it is thoughtful that he changed his community's thoughts on several aspects of Judaism and raised the amount of religious seriousness in not only his minor community but maybe all of Israel. Most of his battles and conflicts with people were about how he wanted to have many laws that he thought were important and should be followed to at least be considered. In addition to this, I think that it took a lot of willpower and responsibility to take action in favor of your religion. Even though Menache'm Porush went against his own community and nation many times, he intended it to be for the greater good of his community. Menache'm Porush truly changed Jewish history in all of Israel throughout his lifetime.

Orthodox female Rabbi?

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Yep, that's right. Sara Hurwtiz orthodox Jew is planning on being the worlds first female rabbi. This article talks about Sara Hurwitz and her quest on being the first female orthodox rabbi, and along the way she faces some pretty big bumps in the road. usually a woman can not be a rabbi in a orthodox environment but Sara Hurwitz plans to break that rule, as she said "we are training woman to be rabbis". although many people are protesting against her, she is determined to complete her goal and show all the people what she is made of.
I think that it is great that she is breaking off from the usual, and is ting something new for a change. i think that is is silly for people protest against her , I mean woman should have equal rights and there is no reason why she cant. although she hasn't become the rabbi yet, i think she has great potential and that if she isn't a rabbi now she will become one in the future.