Welcome to the World Religions Current Events Project!

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On this wikipage, you will find instructions for the Current Events Project and links to recommended websites that are great sources for news.

Throughout our study of religion you will be expected to explore current event articles in the news related to Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism. We will provide a list of relevant news sources for you to use, but feel free to find your own!

A) You will post 1 current event article for 1 of the religions we are studying. The religion will be assigned by your teacher. Your post will include:
  • A relevant image
  • A title and hyperlink to your article
  • The source of your article and image
  • Brief summary of the article
  • Your thoughts on the article typed.

B) You will also comment on 1 post about another religion. The religion you comment on will be assigned by your teacher. You will post these comments in the discussion section of the specific page.

C) For extra credit, you are welcome to include an additional post.

Specific Instructions:
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Instructions for your POST:
  • Create a title for your post.
  • Post your current event article. Make sure to create a link to the news article or video news report.
  • Insert an image that illustrates something from your article.
  • Make sure to include a source for your article and image.
  • Provide a brief summary (3-4 sentences) of the article.
  • Provide your thoughts on the article (3-5 sentences). This might include making connections between the article and what we have studied in class and/or offering your perspective on the article.
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Instructions for your COMMENT:
  • Start by looking through the posts that have been made for a religion and select one that appeals to you.
  • Read the article by clicking on the link provided.
  • Read the response that the "poster" gave.
  • Check if a discussion has been started for this article by clicking on the discussion tab and looking for the title of the article in which you are interested.
  • If a discussion has been started, add to the conversation, by responding to what people have said and providing your thoughts on the current event. This should be about 3-5 sentences.
  • If a discussion has not been started, start a discussion. Give the discussion the same title as the post your are commenting on. Start the conversation, by commenting on the "posters" response and providing your thoughts on the current event. This should be about 3-5 sentences.


Post: Monday, March 8th
Comment: Wednesday, March 10th

Post: Tuesday, April 6th
Comment: Thursday, April 8th

Post: Wednesday, May 5th
Comment: Friday, May 7th

Post: Friday, May 28th
Comment: Wednesday, June 2nd

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